”Your Grace, if you are dead —” 

"— you will avenge my death, and seat my daughter on the Iron Throne. Or die in the attempt."

Song: Warriors
Artist: Imagine Dragons


Laa shay’a waqi’un mutlaq bale koulon moumkin. The wisdom of our creed is revealed through these words. We work in the dark, to serve the light. We are Assassins.

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Game of Thrones meme - nine characters - [6/9] - Tywin Lannister

"A man such as Tywin Lannister comes but once in a thousand years.

      ” Did you really think you could    e s c a p e   my island? “

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the world needs order;

"I still catch myself feeling sad about things that don’t matter anymore." — Kurt Vonnegut (via battybatty)


Paris in the rain | Christophe Jacrot

i had wings once, and they were strong.

      but they were s t o l e n from me.


videogames graphics battle | vs. callofvalor

round eight ► male character (nathan drake, uncharted) 

The truth is, everything I touch turns to shit.”- Nate.

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